Stalking the New Yorkers Who Dress the Same;

A lot of New Yorkers dress alike and no one thinks anything of it. There are policeman and fireman in uniforms and bankers in dark suits with white shirts and the orthodox who live in Brooklyn.

But there is another group of people who stand out when they dress the same. They are the couples and friends who don the same puffy jackets or Lee jeans or overalls for no good reason.

In many places you don’t notice people who dress the same, but in New York it seems to jump out. Maybe that’s because variety here is the norm.

Two friends in a midtown subway station

You see peas in a pod all over the city, from Harlem to Chelsea, from Battery Park to Inwood. Like the bird watchers who frequent Central Park, I delight in spotting them and pulling out the camera to document the moment.

One of the things that strikes me is not only do they dress the same, but often they adopt the same posture and gait.

Two friends in Chelsea

Some friends wear the exact same jeans and shirts. Others use similar color and styling, leaving no doubt that they are kindred spirits.

Two friends on the subway

I think it’s most glaring when it’s two guys or two girls because they can literally wear the same clothes.

But you sometimes see a couple exhibit such similar style that they would qualify as peas in a pod, like these two hipsters strolling in midtown.

A couple in midtown

Then there is the argument that as couples get older they not only dress alike but show a convergence in their posture and body language.

Eventually they approach a kind of sartorial unity.

A couple in Central Park

**Published by Ted Merz Mar 23, 2016 **