Giving Back

I’ve organized a scholarship program to send a dozen Nicaraguan students to college. You can read about some of them below.

I set it up in collaboration with a charity that called Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners that has operated in the country for decades. If you want to participate you can do so via their web site:

Or if you want more information please reach out to me directly.

The students are an amazing group of kids who volunteer to help people less fortunate than themselves. I’d like to introduce you to some of their stories.

     Meet The Students 


Katherinne is currently a 4th year student of medical sciences in the UNAN-MANAGUA. She am a student of general medicine and surgery. Every Saturday, Katherinne volunteers in a library. She often expresses excitement for the future and thanks all the people who have supported her on her progressive paths, as well as God who’s protected her. Katherine obtained a diplomatic certificate for outstanding participation in the fair of a class called parasitology.

Kevin is in his fourth year studying International Relations and Foreign Trade. He says that going to college has changed his life and helped him mature personally and professionally. As part of the Arcoiris group he has been teaching beekeeping and bio-intensive farming techniques in a learning center in Tipitapa. He said he loves to teach people to empower themselves. He also volunteers in the group’s libraries.

Tatiana, 20, is in her fourth year of university studying Public Accounting and Finance. She lives with her mother and younger brother. She describes herself as a charismatic, affectionate, creative, spontaneous person who tries to balance time among friends. She teaches Sunday school at church. Her dream is to finish her education and get a stable job to help her mother and brother.

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