The newspapers and online sites seem saturated with coronavirus coverage.

Every night in New York people hang out of their apartment windows to beat their pots and pans in support of health care workers.

A discussion of the virus starts and ends every conversation.

So it seems counter intuitive that the aggregate news coverage of covid-19 is waning. That we may have hit peak covid, from a news point of view.

But that is what the data shows.

I’ve pulled counts from the Bloomberg professional terminal to show that since mid-March the coverage has receded from over 100,000 a day to closer to 70,000.

(Note: Bloomberg data includes stories and posts from about 175,000 news and social media sources.)

It’s hard to know if this means something or nothing.

My experience has been, however, that news flow is a pretty accurate way to measure the intensity of interest and engagement that people have about a given topic.