How much news is there about Apple every day?

How much should there be?

News seems like it should fluctuate based on events.

And while that makes sense, major swings in coverage of companies are rare.

The volume of media coverage from John Deere to Goldman Sachs remains surprisingly steady.

To answer the question of how much news a company could expect I leveraged a new Bloomberg database of four billion articles that spans ten years.

I compared the volume of coverage for benchmark tech companies over the past 12 months with market capitalization.

One quick takeaway was that for some of the biggest tech names market cap does a pretty good job of predicting media coverage.

Netflix, Alibaba, Facebook, Alphabet and Apple all lie close to the regression line.

Tesla and Amazon are outliers.

Tesla gets much more coverage, which makes sense given the visibility of CEO Elon Musk.

Amazon receives way less relative to its market size. That surprised me a bit.

I also leveraged Bloomberg’s proprietary sentiment model to provide a sense of whether the recent news coverage about the companies was positive or negative.

What stood out was the relatively positive coverage on Apple during the past 12 months compared with coverage for Alphabet and Facebook.

H/t to Michael McDonough