There are two kinds of Manhattan residents, those with cars and those without.

If you have a car, here’s something new to worry about: people stealing your mirrors.

I walked past a car yesterday with fancy mittens covering the side mirrors. Closer inspection showed they were made by ProKevLock and cost $135.

They look ridiculous, but I am told they work.

Car theft used to be a big thing in New York City. In the 1980s and 1990s, people would connect alarms and lock their steering wheels with a red metal device called The Club.

You don’t see those much any more due to a decline in crime.

Only a fifth of Manhattan households have a car. It may be the best place to live if you don’t want to drive. The train and bus system is convenient, inexpensive and extensive.

Usually the biggest problem facing car owners is the requirement that they move their vehicle twice a week to accommodate street sweeping.

That, and the rats eating the wires under the hood.

One of the strange proclivities of Manhattan car owners who park on the street is that many take the time to tilt their mirrors inward to avoid being struck by passing cars.

Often they tilt BOTH sides, which doesn’t make much sense.

I hadn’t realized stealing side mirrors was a thing, but a friend with a Tesla confirmed that it has happened to them several times. A Google search yielded more examples.

I asked my friend how they responded.

They said they bought the mittens.