My son asks lots of questions and each year I write some down.

At seven he asked about whales and sharks. At nine he focused on getting a pet monkey. Last year at 10 he asked about everything from dying in a fire to how much a snake breeder makes.

He just turned 11. Here are the latest:

If you ran the speed of sound would you be able to breathe?

Why is the top of your tongue rough and the bottom soft?

How do you make a donut?

If you baked a cake with 100,000 calories how big would it be?

If you have one box of every brand of cereal how many calories would it be?

Who makes more, a police officer or a surgeon?

Does our dog remember when he was a puppy?

If we didn’t trim the dog’s nails how long would they grow?

Does the dog know what 21 minus 2 is?

Is the dog Jewish or Christian?

When I grow up can I get a golf cart?

Would you rather have a Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Would you rather have a sports car or Smart car?

Would you rather die in a fire or by drowning?

Why do we live in a house and not an apartment?

Who invented peeing in the bottle?

If you had super speed would you use it to go to work a minute early?

If you lived in the suburbs would you have a gun for self protection?

Could you travel to Japan in a red suitcase if it were large enough?

Would you die if you got hit by a penny thrown from the top of the Empire State Building?

If people hate to be tickled why do they laugh?

If there are black squirrels and grey squirrels why aren’t there mixed squirrels?

How do you get a billion dollars?

How many people are you the boss of?

What do you do at work? Do you work on tax returns?

How are there more people in China than Russia since Russia is bigger?

Why does New York City have so many people?

Do mosquitos have a nose?

How did Hitler know who was Jewish?

How much would I get from the tooth fairy for a 55 million-year-old dinosaur tooth?

What happens to cars when they go over bumps?

What happens if I get the Mal de Ojo?

**Published by Ted Merz April 15, 2018**