Ray Dalio, head of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, is taking his social media activity to a new level.

Dalio is one of the few Wall Street billionaires who post regularly on social media. (Cliff Asness and Jeff Gundlach are two others.) Dalio has tweeted 20 times in the past week. Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein has tweeted eight times this year.

Dalio started writing original content on LinkedIn a few years ago. He’s been raising his profile since last September, when he published his book: Principles: Life and Work.

Dalio stands out because he uses a variety of platforms. In addition to tweeting, he publishes on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, unlike some CEOs who delegate their social media accounts to marketing, he is clearly involved in writing his own.

Increasingly Dalio has been using social media to start conversations or encourage commentary. And he publishes on multiple platforms. Today, in a tweet, invited people to comment on a Facebook page.

Here is the Facebook page he directed people to:

Five hours later Dalio had accumulated 31 comments. Not a huge number, but they were mostly serious and thoughtful.

And as he surely knows, building an audience on social, not unlike investing, requires the habit and discipline of regularly posting engaging content.

It appears to be paying off. Dalio now has 161,000 followers on Twitter, 827,879 on LinkedIn and 110,000 on Facebook.

*Published by Ted Merz on July 13, 2018*