Trump garners a staggering amount of news coverage

While its not surprising that a sitting president would get more coverage than rival Democratic candidates, the gap is enormous and likely unprecedented.

I analyzed coverage of the 2020 candidates in the Washington Post via a feed on Bloomberg.

In a given day, forty percent of the paper’s articles mention Trump. It’s an insanely large number. Previous presidents including Obama, Bush and Clinton were cited in about 8% of the paper’s articles while in office.

By contrast, Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate leading in the 2020 polls, is cited in 4%.

Biden trails Elizabeth Warren who garners 5%. The top five are rounded out with Bernie Sanders at 3.5%, Kamala Harris at 1.6% and Pete Buttigieg at 1.4%.

Coverage doesn’t guarantee votes of course. But it’s notable that when candidate Trump ran in 2016 election he was being cited in 10% of the Post articles at this point in the race. Hillary Clinton had about 5% at the same time.