According to the Internet you should change your profile photo every two years.

I had a professional shot taken 4 years ago that I’ve been using for LinkedIn and Facebook. I’m older, but recognizable and I didn’t really want to change it.

But I didn’t like the fact that I was wearing a white T-shirt. People don’t do that anymore.

My dad wore a T-shirt under his dress shirt his whole career. And I’d been doing it for 25 years.

And then one day I realized I was the last person in the office wearing a white T-shirt. So I stopped.

But I didn’t want to get a new photo. So a friend helped me Photoshop the picture to remove the T-shirt. I updated my two profile pictures.

On LinkedIn no one seemed to notice.

But Facebook blasted out an update to my “friends.” Forty six people liked it. I got half a dozen comments.

One person messaged me to say: “You don’t seem to age.”

Sadly, that is not the case.