Headlines summarize news articles. But even headlines can be too long and complex for investors to scan quickly.

The need for a solution has become more pressing with the explosion in news and social media. Bloomberg carries 1.5 million articles a day. Apple alone garners 1,300.

We believe summarization is one of the big new technologies reshaping the fintech landscape.

Most summarization shortens individual articles. Bloomberg has taken a different approach, using AI to cluster groups of similar stories. We then generate a short phrase.

This makes sense for investors trying to scan and make sense of a large number of headlines to answer immediate questions, such as: What is happening with Apple?

But there are other benefits.

Summaries tend to be more “informational” than headlines written by editors. Headlines are “evocative,” seeking to attract attention while they convey tone and nuance.

What you lose in additional information you gain in brevity.

Summaries tend not to include word play or puns that can make headlines tough sledding for non-native speakers. (“Tough sledding” itself being an example. )

We have rolled out a prototype to summarize news articles that can be found at {NSTM <go>} on the terminal. We’re investigating how it could be used elsewhere.