News coverage is like the weather, fairly predictable with the occasional storm and some notable long-term trends.

Reviewing coverage of U.S. companies from 2019 we saw Apple extend its lead, based on the average daily volume of articles carried on the Bloomberg terminal.

Apple seems to be pulling away from the rest of the pack as it sees extraordinary levels of interest.

Boeing made a surprise appearance in the top 10 following the disastrous crash of its 737 MAX.

Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon held and consolidated their positions in the top 10 with fairly consistent levels of coverage.

That’s not a surprise as the big tech companies have huge market capitalizations, are widely held and produce recognizable consumer products.

JPMorgan and Goldman garnered about the same volume. Goldman, which is much smaller, is a bit of a surprise and may be due to a bias Bloomberg has toward financial coverage.

Telsa and Disney were notable top 10 members for their gradual, but steady gains over the previous several years.

All this data is available via the Bloomberg professional terminal. One easy way to get access it is to run {WATC <go>} and select the tab for News Heat.