The killing of a black man by a white police officer has sparked protests in cities across the U.S. and spurred a flood of news coverage.

To gauge the intensity of media interest in different parts of the country, I took a snapshot of the percentage of articles about several major cities where protests occurred.

While the volume of news coverage differs city by city, it tends to remain fairly steady.

New York City typically garners 4,000 articles a day on  the Bloomberg system, while Chicago gets 500.

I computed the “intensity” of coverage by looking at the percentage of stories about a city that mentioned the Black Lives Matter protests.

A few takeaways:
–The percentage of coverage dedicated to protests is huge
–Los Angeles ranked No 1 among major cities in intensity

–Minneapolis, where the protests started, slightly outpaced New York. Chicago and Philadelphia were comparable.

–Washington D.C. was on the lower end of the range.

–The baseline for large U.S. cities was 25% yesterday

A note about the data: the analysis was done with articles published on the Bloomberg terminal, which carries on average 1.2 million stories a day from 175,000 sources.