Michael Burry, the short seller made famous in the movie the Big Short, has 653,000 followers on Twitter.

At first that seems weird because Burry’s profile shows no activity.

His profile page shows no tweets. He follows no one.

It turns out that Burry tweets often, but deletes each post shortly after.

The Internet being the Internet this behavior has spawned speculation on numerous Reddit discussions boards about why Burry deletes his tweets.

Twitter being Twitter, there are several rogue handles that screen capture and archive Burry’s deleted comments. You can find one here: https://lnkd.in/eg6yKTZv

It makes you wonder why Burry bothers to delete tweets when there are so many people so dedicated to salvaging them.

In a way Burry is re-creating the signature feature of Snapchat: disappearing posts. Twitter experimented with a similar feature called “Fleets” but it never took off and has been retired.

Finding Burry’s handle is an interesting exercise in itself as searching for Michael Burry yields almost a dozen faux handles and this true one: https://lnkd.in/eNNF7Fqu

Burry’s real handle has a “verified” blue check mark. But it’s still hard to find.

Yesterday, Burry tweeted a chart highlighting the recent increase in inflation. The image was captured from a story on the Bloomberg terminal.

Burry’s post on inflation was interesting because inflation is what everyone is talking about in the financial markets.

It was particularly interesting to me because a colleague at Bloomberg created the application that analyzes CPI and other economic data.

Burry didn’t leave the post up long. It was fleeting.

But it was long enough for me capture the screen and share it.