In 1991, Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief Matt Winkler asked me to help expand the company’s coverage in Latin America.

In Santiago, we hired Philip Sanders and he started working from an apartment he was sharing with several flatmates.

He faced the usual challenges and some unusual ones, like getting access to the only phone in the apartment to file market stories. Also, the neighbors played loud dance music in the courtyard.

He moved to a new apartment that had two bedrooms so he could use one as an office. I took a photo of him working from home.

By 1994 Bloomberg had leased office space and Philip had been named bureau chief. In 1997 he moved to London where he worked as an emerging market editor until 2011 when he returned to Chile.

In the 30 years since Philip started with Bloomberg, the Santiago office has grown to 10 editorial staff and he moved to a house.

Now, he’s part of a global team of market editors who review stories from scores of countries.

But because of Covid he finds himself working at home some days.

So the world is different. But also the same.