I left Bloomberg LP after 32 years.

It was time for a change. I want to thank Mike Bloomberg and everyone I worked with over the past three decades for giving me so many amazing opportunities.

In 1990, I was the 15th person hired by Matt Winkler the year he started Bloomberg News. I summarized media articles for a year and then started covering emerging market debt.

Interest in Latin America was exploding as countries privatized companies, opened trade and re-negotiated debt. I was asked to build a team in the region. It grew to 40 people in a few years.

I went on to serve within Bloomberg News as global head of emerging markets, co-head of Europe and Asia, New York Bureau Chief and Managing Editor for the Americas.

In 2006, I left the editorial department to join the nascent News Product team. I’ve spent the last 16 years building news applications, half of the time as the global head of the group.

We expanded the number of sources on the Bloomberg Terminal to include web links and content from the New York Times and 150 other sources. The Terminal now carries 2 million stories a day, up from 10,000 when I joined the group.

I spearheaded the integration of Twitter into the Terminal more than a decade ago at a time many traders viewed social media with derision. I arranged to add machine translation from Google and negotiated a landmark deal with the Wall Street Journal.

One reason I stayed so long was that the job changed constantly. The news team created an automated news initiative and built AI and machine learning algorithms that score articles for “importance” and provide news analytics.

The best part of the job was working with a team of dedicated product managers and engineers, visiting clients and working with Bloomberg News and Sales to dream up new applications.

I’ll miss the people, but I’m looking forward to a break, some travel and a new adventure.