Kevin Kelly, who just turned 70, tweeted recently that he’d be in Sitka, Alaska on July 9th and he’s “looking for a place to crash.”

I cannot tell you how much I love that.

We should all aspire at that age to possess the same confidence, sense of adventure and network of friends to be able tell the Internet you are coming to town, fully expecting someone to put you up.

Kelly was famously the founding editor of Wired magazine and before that an editor of the Whole Earth Catalogue.

He’s been in the news recently after he published a list of 103 “Bits of Advice I Wish I had Known” that was redistributed widely, including by New York Times columnist David Brooks.

When you read it, it makes you want to generate your own list, though it would be hard to be as clever.

If you haven’t read the the full list, I’d recommend it: