Social media is changing the possibilities to network.

On 22, Madison Hawkinson, a VC with fewer than 1,000 followers on Twitter, invited people working on AI-focused startups in New York to connect with a new community group.

A week later when the group met, Allie K. Miller showed up.

Allie is the superstar former Global Head of Machine Learning Business Development for Startups and Venture Capital at Amazon who counts 1.4 million LinkedIn followers.

I love the dynamic at play here.

Anyone can leverage social media to conjure an event and build community.

You don’t need an organization like Meetup or some VC or investment bank.

You never know who will show up.

And then you can leverage social media again to advertise it happened and create momentum.

This doesn’t break down every barrier or solve every problem. But it creates more possibilities.

Also, the photo that Allie posted is a powerful reminder of the goal that women will play a bigger role in tech in the future.