Davos is a news blizzard.

Davos generates as many as 3,000 stories on the Bloomberg terminal, or about one per attendee.

There are big speeches to cover, but also scores of interviews with CEOs from Coca-Cola to Google.

That makes it difficult to keep track of the big themes.

It does make for a good test case of Bloomberg’s new summarization engine.

Traditional headlines written by journalists can be challenging to scan quickly. (See headlines on Davos in image.)

In part, that’s because headlines are often written to maximize information. They also include puns or wordplay intended to dramatize an event and draw in readers.

“Themes” are written by computer. They group similar stories and distill them down to an “informational” label.

With the Davos example, Bloomberg’s summarization screen captures the people and events that got the biggest coverage. Today, Trump dominated the agenda.

To try News Themes on Bloomberg: {NSTM <go>}