I’m a big believer in machine translation for news.

In the not-so-distant future we will be able to read any story from any source in any language.

But we have a ways to go before we get there.

One of the bigger limitations are the evocative but idiomatic headlines written by journalists.

Today I came across this headline on Bloomberg:

Speculators Running Typically Rampant in Coronavirus Small Caps

The headline is sonorous and suggestive. It made me click.

But it’s probably tough to grasp if you are not a native English speaker. And its devilishly hard to translate.

There is no training data containing that language.

Here is now Google translation rendered it:

Spéculateurs fonctionnant typiquement rampants dans les petites capitales de coronavirus

Los especuladores funcionan típicamente desenfrenados en pequeñas cápsulas de coronavirus

Gli speculatori eseguono tipicamente dilaganti in coronavirus small caps

Spekulanten, die in Coronavirus Small Caps weit verbreitet sind

Spekulanter som kjører typisk Rampant i små capser med Coronavirus