New York public schools were canceled March 16th and my kids said teachers would start using Zoom to hold classes.

It amazed me that schools with no prior disaster recovery plans could shift so fast to online classes and that they would use a relative newcomer. The kids said it worked fine.

A week after that my parents were on a Zoom call with friends as awareness of the company skyrocketed, a reality captured in my chart of daily news coverage. (Note: data comes from 175,000 sources aggregated on the Bloomberg terminal.)

I’ve overlaid the stock price to show that many investors had gotten there earlier, bidding up the price.

This week the NYC Dept of Education barred Zoom from schools over privacy issues. Some people are wondering if the astronomical growth will evaporate.

It’s probably too early to say. The news coverage has certainly cemented the brand name. It’s amazing how fast Zoom replaced Skype as a verb.

And my parents haven’t cancelled their call slated for Sunday.