Who gets the most news coverage and how much?

One of the things I enjoy about the emerging field of news analytics is the ability to answer previously unanswerable questions with a degree of conviction.

And while it may come as no surprise that Trump is the person most often mentioned in articles about the U.S., the exact percentage – 17% in the past week – wasn’t something you could easily find.

In the case of the U.K., Germany and France, the person most often cited in news articles on the Bloomberg terminal is the country’s president.

Emmanuel Macron was cited in 23% of the articles about France; while Boris Johnson was mentioned in 17% of the stories about the U.K. and Angela Merkel was named in 14% of the pieces about Germany.

The other interesting tidbit: France and Germany garnered a comparable level of 13,000 stories in the past week. There were three times as many articles about the U.K., or 37,000. There were a whopping 240,000 articles about the U.S.

A note on the data: Bloomberg carries about 1.2 million articles a day from 175,000 publications.