Coronavirus has been the biggest story of the year, if not the decade.

But there have been lots of big news events this year.

There was Trump’s impeachment, the Black Lives Matter protests and the debate about the economic lock-down and re-opening of the economy.

Charting the volume of news coverage of these three events provides perspective on the comparative scope and depth of media engagement.

A few takeaways:

–Nothing compares to Coronavirus, which at the height of the news frenzy in late March garnered almost 400,000 articles one day.

–Trump’s impeachment was well covered, but never huge. On a big day there were 15,000 stories. Trump himself gets 10,000 stories on an average day.

–The “lockdown” and “economic re-opening” story has been massive and sustained over several months, a pattern you rarely see.

–The Black Lives Matter Protests garnered an extraordinary amount of coverage, but that is slowing. This is a typical “slope” for a news event.

Note: Data is from Bloomberg, but includes 175,000 news sources. Bloomberg carries about 1.4 million articles a day.